Sophie is well-known as the recipe wizard behind the collection of MOB cookbooks, as well as recipes + content for the big food titles including BBC Good Food + olive magazines, and we’re thrilled that she’s released her first debut cookbook, Sundays.

In Sundays, Sophie has created amazing recipes, whatever you’re looking for, be it copious carbs, sharing + feasting, or slow-cooking. As each weekend requires something different, she’s separated the recipes by Sunday occasions from Sunday Slow + Sunday Feasts, to Sunday Reset + Sunday Sweets. And don’t worry, she’s got us covered when it comes to ingredients too – all of the recipes use really easy-to-find ingredients (think Sainsbury’s Local), and she also gives great ideas for swaps, and using what you already have / like.

We can’t get enough of the Spicy Sausage Noodz, and our weekend isn’t complete without Greens on Toast (eggs on the side, of course).

In the words of our very own Rosie Birkett “Sophie’s debut cookbook is full of fun, flavour-packed recipes that’ll make you want to lick each plate”.

Sundays is available to buy here + at bookshops across the country, as well as at Sainsbury’s.