Founders Hector Butler & Matt Brunault launched Shima in 2019 having seen an underappreciation for saké in the West. Offering a new, different way to explore saké with perfect ready-to-drink serves, the sparkling cocktails are light, refreshing as well as naturally low in calories, gluten free, and vegan.

The duo originally began brewing in Brooklyn after they’d been introduced to the complexities & intricacies of saké at a favourite local bar. Looking beyond brewing batches for their own enjoyment, Shima was launched with fact-finding trips to Japan, where they trained under local Tojis (master brewers) to deepen their understanding of the saké-making process.

Shima launched earlier this year with two products, Saké & Soda, and Plum & Hibiscus. Stay tuned for new product news coming soon!