Beyond paneer, we don’t tend to see cheese much in British-Indian cuisine. However for Maunika Gowardhan a Mumbai sandwich, a cheese toastie dunked in chutney, is the signature street-food dish to try.

In her recipe for Jarlsberg cheese, Maunika shows us how to upgrade a cheese toastie with authentic Indian spices. Make your own Mumbai sandwich using Maunika’s recipe below:

4 slices of soft white bread
2 tbsp softened butter
70gms cheddar cheese coarsely grated (for a gooey sandwich Swiss gruyere would be a good alternative)
1 medium red onion thinly sliced
2 medium tomatoes sliced
3 green chillies finely chopped (or less if you prefer it mild)

The spice masala mix an equal pinch of;
cumin powder
ground cinnamon
dry mango powder
black pepper

For the green chutney;
200gms of mint leaves
100gms of coriander
juice of half a lemon
1 green chilli
½ red onion
½ “piece of ginger
Pinch of salt & sugar
Blend all the ingredients to a fine paste with a little water

Pile all the slices of bread together and trim off the edges. Make sure you don’t take all the crust off; just even out the edges.

Place the slices over a flat plate and apply butter. Now spread the green chutney on evenly and top with the sliced red onion followed by a sprinkle of the spice masala mix. Add the tomato with a little more of the spice masala mix and finally the chopped chillies. Add the cheese and close each sandwich pressing down lightly.

If there is any leftover butter spread on the outer side of the sandwich. Place in a toasted sandwich maker until crisp and light brown. Cut into four and serve warm with extra chutney and ketchup.