The Estate Chardonnay 2020 has been a long time in the planning, from identifying the ideal site within the Estate to planting the vines and patiently waiting for them to come into production. 2020 was an excellent year for ripening – the best Bolney Wine Estate has experienced for a few years – which makes for perfect timing for the Estate’s first still Chardonnay.

The cooler climate in the UK has resulted in the Chardonnay 2020 retaining more apple and citrus characteristics than Chardonnay grapes grown in warmer climates. The Bolney Estate Chardonnay is a textured, crisp white with citrus, apricot, and orange peel, finishing with creamy brioche and honey.

With a summer of outdoor dining on the horizon, are we seeing the renaissance of Chardonnay? Chardonnay is a timeless variety, but the new varieties being produced are made in a fresher, more fruit driven style compared to a few years ago when they were very heavily oaked. This makes them the perfect choice for a chilled, summer wine to enjoy in the sun. The fresh, crispness of the Bolney Chardonnay beautifully complements fish (particularly sushi), oysters, cheese, and summer fruit desserts, and it can also handle a hint of smokiness, so BBQ chicken is another highly recommended food match.

The Estate Chardonnay is available for nationwide delivery from the Bolney website. Cheers to the #summerochardonnay