The perfect comfort food, and just what winter needs! Best-selling author and writer Maunika Gowardhan recently created recipes for three of her favourite dals for Guardian FEAST.

Maunika says “dal is a staple in homes across India, and the country now consumes more than 23m metric tonnes of pulses every year – with such a large vegetarian population, dal provides much of the protein in our everyday diet. For me, every simple yet comforting bowlful spells home cooking.”

Renowned for her foolproof recipes that hero the regional cooking from across India, for this feature, Maunika created recipes for Langarwali dal, Gujarati dal dhokla, and Kathiriki gothsu (a traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu), all of which bring wonderful warmth and flavour.

Find the recipes over at The Guardian website here – which one will you try first?